Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tube Research Software Bonus - A New YouTube Course From Jimmy Mancini

Tube Research Software by Jimmy Mancini automates some of the boring upfront work you need to look at when deciding whether to create a video for a keyword. Also once you’ve uploaded your video you also want to see how your video is getting on against other competing videos and this software tracks that too.

Most people know what is required to rank a video on Google and YouTube but knowing what others have done to get theirs ranking can help you assess whether you want to spend the time and money to be better than the top ranking video. This software helps identify the SEO factors that you need to consider which are about tags used, views, subscribes and so on. It does look at length of video but doesn’t assess the quality which is something you’ll have to do by watching the video.

The details of my Tube Research Software bonus can be found at the end of the video above, or you can see it at the link below.

Anything that can help you save time and be more productive is worth checking out, as it frees time to do more profitable work and get to where you want quicker or may enjoy some more leisure time if you want.

Tube Research Software bonus
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