Sunday, 19 January 2014

List Detonator V2.0 Review - MAO Flynns List Building Course

List Detonator V2.0 is the new course by Martin Flynn that shows you how to build a large responsive list in only 30 days. Many expert marketers say that building a responsive list is the best way to build a sustainable long term income that is not dependent on Google or other third parties.

It is delivered by way of 220 pages PDF that you download. It is step by step and shows how to get great subscription rates, pre-sell your list, keep customers happy and responsive. There are 400 pre-written emails you can use to get started which will save you a lot of time. It seems to have everything covered from getting traffic to converting traffic to subscribers to persuading them to buy.

List Detonator V2.0 Review Summary

This looks like it is a good course for beginners to get started in email marketing. MAO Flynn has a good reputation and his previous course have been well received and he is a number of great testimonials on the sales letter. This seems to be a good course to get started with to learn the techniques of email marketing to build a responsive list quickly. You can see from the proof on the sales page you are learning from someone who has actually done what he is teaching and is not just theory.

List Detonator V2.0

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