Friday, 6 December 2013

You Tube Money Machine Review - Karen Richard's Simple System To Rank Videos

There are many products that say they can show you how to rank videos fast on YouTube and Google without much effort. In this review of Tube Money Machine I’ll look at if this course delivers on this claim.
But first let’s take a look at YouTube and why you would bother ranking a video on it at all.

It was started in April 23 2005 when the first video was uploaded with the official launch to public in November 2005. You could say since then it has been a runaway success.  It is now the number 3 site in the world after Facebook and Google. There are over 1 billion unique visits to the site each month. That is a lot of possible opportunities with all those people watching videos, commenting, tweeting and favoriting.

One thing that many marketers also take note of that is that YouTube videos appear to rank well in Google. Therefore YouTube videos get a lot of views and you can get them seen in Google makes it something that marketers can take advantage of.

This is where a course like Tube Money Machine can help in showing you how to get your videos seen, as this would be one of the main problems.

It runs through how to pick a niche, getting keywords, creating a video and getting it ranked in YouTube and Google.  This is laid out in 5 steps and you get this in a PDF and videos.

As with all things on the internet it will take time to master all this but Tube Money Machine should make this as easy as possible with a well put together course. And of course if a single mom can do it, we should all be able to do it. I guess, that is the message of the sales letter. Anyway it’s worth trying out.

Tube Money Machine Review

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