Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fast Social Marketing Results Review - Lynn Terry's Latest Course

Social media has the potential to be a big source of customers for businesses who deal with consumers. This is the topic of today’s Social Marketing Results review. It is a product that promises fast results.

It is written by Lynn Terry who appears from the sales page to be well qualified to discuss how to get more customers from social media sites like Pinterest, Google+, twitter, Facebook and other sites. She has been online for 16 years now.

The fast Social Marketing Results course consists of a series of webinars, PDFs and membership of a private Facebook group.

The main guide is a pdf document that goes into a lot a depth on setting up your social media marketing the right way and has lots of examples of how these work in practice. There are links to sites where a specific technique has worked in practice so you can see it in real life rather than just reading the theory. The first webinar covers similar ground to the pdf but gives added insight and does not feel repetitive as you get to see it from another perspective.

There is plenty of actionable content. You certainly don’t feel short changed. If anything you might feel there is too much but if you work through it steadily you can soon get on top of it and start to see the results it promises.

To conclude my Social Marketing Results review this looks a very good course that delivers on the promises of the sales page of getting results with only 15-30 minutes of work a day. It won’t happen overnight and will probably need more time at the beginning as you build your presence up over time. Also with Facebook

Group you have on going support from Lynn Terry and other members of the group to help you achieve your business goals with the help of social media.
Fast Social Marketing Results
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