Sunday, 17 November 2013

Erica Stone Flip Your World Review - No Keyword Reseach, Target Any Niche Fast

Erica Stone has been developing a lot of new products lately. One of her latest products is Flip Your World. For those that don’t know Erica she is known for producing quality IM courses on how to be a successful Amazon Affiliate. Her previous courses have all been well structured and easy to follow so you can get started. She likes to do things thoroughly.

In this Flip Your World review I take a look at what this course is about and how it can help you get traffic who will click through your link to offers on Amazon, and thereby earning you commission. That is what you want I would think. This course looks at an alternative source of traffic to Google.

Facebook is the alternative source tapped in this product. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg (in case you didn’t know). There are over 1 billion active users according to Facebook  with many using mobile to access it. There is no doubt facebook is big and there are a lot of potential customers if you get them to your website or maybe just getting them to click your affiliate link from Facebook itself.
Most people are on Facebook to look to see what’s going on with their friends and generally socialize. Their main goal is not to buy stuff – they go shopping to do that and might search online (using Google). How to get people who don’t want to be sold to, to click through to Amazon is one of the things taught by Erica in the Flip Your World Guide. Doing it the right way is how to be successful, doing it the wrong way and you will probably soon find that you don’t have many people interested in your Facebook page or what you’ve got to say.
Erica Stone Flip Your World
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